Mama I Met A Boy, Three

#3 Mama I met a boy,

Everything seemed okay,
We were happy and Celbos was too,
He keeps asking about you,He can’t wait to meet you,I tell him all about you,He has you nose and toes – So cute.

Mama I met a boy,
One time he came home really late I was worried about him but he didn’t seem bothered by it.
He started making a habit of this,
Night after night,We hardly saw him.
He would tell me to butt out and not question him.I did just that.

But I could only hold on for so long,
I got tired of washing shirts that smelt of other women and underwear that was constantly covered in new fresh wet cum.

Mama I met a boy,
It was during the school holidays and I thought it was the perfect time to sort my marriage out, Celbos left with the Laluba’s on their family trip.

I tried sitting my husband down but he wouldn’t have any of it.One night,He came home drunk & high [This was no surprise],I heard him get in bed trying so hard not to wake me up,But mama it was different this time.

He leaned over to me, I felt his hands lift my night gown,I knew where we were heading !! He tried flipping me over but I refused – He smelt to bad.
He didn’t give up, I tried fighting him off me but he was just too strong.

I told me that he loved me
That I’m his wife and he’s untitled to do to/with me as he pleases and that’s when I realised I was fighting a losing battle.

Mama I met a boy,
He did to me what he never has,
He was on top of me,Breathing so loud as he enjoyed himself,He turned me over and I was in Missionary.
It hurt so much, I tried to stop him and reason but he wouldn’t hear any of it.

He eventually finished,
He turned me over,Kissed me & declared his love to me. We slept.
In the morning it was as though nothing had happened and that’s when it hit me … !!

Poetess Dee


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