My Once Upon A Time .. !!

1501454475637-952087553Don’t you dare give me the “Babe, I’ll always love you & I’ll always be there for you” !!

Don’t – Really just don’t.
I don’t mean to compare you
Nor underestimate you but I
Think I’ve heard enough empty
Promises to last me a life time.


I loved you from the moment
You sent me that friend request,
I hesitated in accepting
Because I could see you were too
Pretty to lend on my list.

I accepted without even having
To go through your timeline,
Believe it or not !! Only then did
I do some digging and pambam
Ow my pambam .. I was lost for words.

I recall creeping into your
Inbox hoping you wouldn’t
Be mean or think I’m a creep,
Hii – I typed with shaking fingers ..
To my surprise you wrote back
“Hello beautiful,How you?”
I jumped up & down my bed
Like a little girl with a crush
Well – I was a little girl with a crush !!

I would continue with my
Silly confession but
It’s no use .. You not into me,
You’ve made it quite clear and
That’s okay – It really is.

Well,Tiisetso .. Uhm,
I’ve liked you since day one
And I know this might
Throw you off a bit but I just
Wanted you to know !!

Take good care of your
Beautiful self & let no one
Fool you,If ever it doesn’t
Work out with your partner
Know that I will not be here
Waiting for you to jump into
My arms & tell me what a
Horrible mistake you have done
And you’ve always loved me !!

We’ll walk off with plenty tears
And make love all day & night.
You’ll come home to me
And me to you !! And live
Happily ever … – Like I said,
I won’t be waiting for you !!

*As I unfriend or better yet,block you* :p

Poetess Dee



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