If I Were A Rapping Poet .. !!

I’m a poet in my prime
Spiffing up my rhymes

I’m a legend can’t you see
Only my words feel they spew to you and me

I’m a master at this connection!!!

My wonderful phrases
Creep into your heart
They pierce through like a dart
Shattering, mattering, caving a meaning
Keepin ya dreaming… beliving, comforting the soul!

These word like a bowl — fill you up: with love, desire, the power to ignite!

I can only imagine what the rhymes in a singy-songy fashion
With fervor, power, and a burst of flaming passion turn up on paper

How they are presented by the maker

The writer, poet, rapper, artist of words – flowing, stringing tieing in the clarity with blurs

Creating a canvas that paints a moment through the feeling of words cascading by feeling, not structure

That sounds absurd, but these moments are momentous, in a passion of flury strung up in a phrase that summons the whole day

And the day has gone by, so has the year — but I must keep rapping through poetry lyrics

I might not be as quick, fast, slick, or hip as some of you
With funky names, large persona, or partying till we see the sun

I am a rapper of the moment in its purest sense — of human nature and its surroundings through my philosophy, wisdom, passion, and emotions

I hope this has not killed you 🙂 I’m only a poet trying to rap .. oops,I trying to spit & flow.


Poetess Dee



4 thoughts on “If I Were A Rapping Poet .. !!

    1. I can only thank you for recognizing it & being appreciative of it !! Hope it inspires you too.

      Thank you for passing by & be sho to hit the follow button 🙂

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