Special Article : Gift ‘Guidance’ Sithole

Gift Guidance

*Name: Gift Sithole
*Stage name: Parental Guidance
*E.P: The Duke
*Clothing Brand: The Duke and The Duchess
*Link: https://www.slikouronlife.co.za/artist/5285
*Shareholder/Director of Team Royal Entertainment pty)ltd

My message ::
Music is life and music can bring healing to the world.
As a Rapper I know I appeared on earth urgently to fulfill an urgent mission. I know I’m a mystery waiting to be revealed, a miracle waiting to happen, and before the time runs out since there’s no reincarnation, my music should live on forever.
I know I’m a thing made out of beauty, a creation of gazillion coincidence and being here alone is a testimony to the fact that im a special being with special assignments.

Poetess Dee


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