statutory Rape Or Not ?!




My fellow bloggers & readers,
Let’s put aside whatever we doing and tackle this,Let’s be real & realistic, What’s your say on this ?!

A club strictly says ‘No under 18s’
And they actually do check for
Identity Document (ID).

Now,A 16 year old gets a fake ideal
And goes in through with her
Girlfriends. Once inside,They spot
A group of guys who seem calm,
And they sit by them.

These two groups are equal in
Numbers and automatically it
Becomes a 2-by-2 kinda thing.
A few drinks down – There’s hugging,Kissing,making out.

One of the guys (Let’s name him Orange) takes one of the girls (Let’s name him Apple) home with him.
Its a mutual understanding.They
Have sex and spend the night together.

The next morning,Apple talks of how she needs to be home right away,
They exchange numbers & Orange drops Apple off at her front gate.

A few days later,Orange is home and there’s harsh knock on the door,
Irritated,He opens and is greeted by three policemen. They ask for him
And say that he is being arrested for
Statuary rape (This is when someone over 18years sleeps with a minor – 16years & younger).

He is confused but agrees to go to the station,Upon his arrival he sees Apple there .. Which confuses him more.He is then told that the young girls mother has laid rape charges against him !!

Fast forward,Is that fair ??
After all – She did lie
And commit a crime (Fraudstery)
And Orange did none of that ??

Let’s engage and talk,
Face facts & be realistic.

Poetess Dee




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