Cheers To My Girls !!

I struggle to understand how we were able to walk out there standing after,Lord knows how many of those we had.

It wasn’t what I expected it to be but it ended up being a greatass night.You see – When friends get together shiit is gonna go on & It’s going to hit the fan.

But when you with the best of the best,You take that shiit in and clap your hands until it’s everywhere 😂😂

These past few weeks (weekends) have been the greatest,How we got together and had so much fun I have no idea 🤷🏾‍ And I’m not complaining (Except for the tiredness the next day).

We are different from each other but yet so similar & alike 😆 We’re from different worlds but geez the same planet.

With years of friendships I pray it doesn’t stop,We can’t let it stop,We shouldn’t let it stop !! Through all the storms & sunshines,This is sisterhood.

Sisterhood/girlship-hood – Whatever you wanna call it 🙂 With all the troubles & hardships we go through,We stick together & find time to go crazy and blah blah blah (The usual).

The aftermath is amazing too,Yeah wena (You) it’s really unbelievable.

Anyway,I love you girls to the universe,beyond & back 🤗

Thanx for the support too 😗 Ke le rata ka lerato la Thando (I love you beyond what words can describe) 😍😍 So for the last time .. Let’s take a shot & cheers to more/better days !!

Poetess Dee



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