Blood Stains .. !!

Decision :

With nice little twist,
I slit my wrist…

Not waiting life to kill,
rather my own blood I spill…

It’s my own choice, I have no fears,
only pain, in eyes some unshed tears…

On the floor, blood making stains,
slowly releasing me from my pains…

Bloody stains, stains like in my soul,
caused by all the pain, this life so foul…

Vision finally fading away, soon it’s all done,
staring darkness, oh so black, soon it’s all gone…

Soon I’m released, free from this pain,
suffering and life, it was all just in vain…

Thought, funny how blood makes difference between life and death,
farewell life, so painful, so useless, gonna take my last breath…

Poetess Dee

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