Am Not Weak;Just Human !!

Am not weak ; Just human.

Narrow pathways
Rocky roads
Uneven waves
Terrible weather
Seasons turning against me.

I have bled black blood
I have cried black tears
I have seen the dark in day light
I have been left alone in a crowded place

I have peeled my own skin off
I have decorated my own skin using sharp objects
Scars are not permanent
But heart is forever bleeding.

I wear a smile everyday
Might not be all the time
But its there somehow
I don’t always have life in me
But whenever I do
Even those who were dead would resurrect
I’m a speacial kind of being
So I know how to turn pain into purpose.

I’ve made it this far
I’ve made it to this life & beyond
Though I wish someone would fix
My broken smile
And make it more permanent.

I wish I could get a different skin,
One that belongs to and me alone
One that represents me
One that is private and not discreet.

I wish things were different
But until such time things change,
I will survive the uneven waves,rocky roads & terrible weather.

Łəmø 🌹Poetess Dee

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