Gather Yourself ..

😔 “We have sons & daughters to raise,Your church-commitmentIs not going to buy milk & purity.Get off your Bible and findA real job” 😰 Poetess DeeIG:@poetess_dee

Blood Stains .. !!

Decision : With nice little twist,I slit my wrist… Not waiting life to kill,rather my own blood I spill… It’s my own choice, I have no fears,only pain, in eyes some unshed tears… On the floor, blood making stains,slowly releasing me from my pains… Bloody stains, stains like in my soul,caused by all the pain, […]

I Gave You Good Head !!

Excuse the errors on the pic 🙄 “It Legit Feels Like You Don’t Care, I Don’t Know why I Care, I Don’t Know Why I Even Bother, You Did Say You Only Hit And Run, I Don’t Know Why I Thought I Would Be Different .. Pretty Sure I Wasn’t Your Best But At Least […]


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Happiness Is A Lie !!

Who said happiness starts from within, That happiness is a choice, That people let themselves be abused ?? Whoever it (was) is .. Doesn’t know the Hardships of life, Doesn’t know the pain of being a young girl yet – Wife to your own uncle, They don’t – Not one bit !! Poetess Dee IG:@poetess_dee

I’m ashamed .. !!

Originally written in 2015 #Repost I’m ashamed because I’m always on about being a proud African yet I know English more than my home language. I’m ashamed because I felt good when people from Phalaborwa said ke “ngwana wa go tswa makgoweng”.They treated me like I was a special package. I’m ashamed because I know […]

A Crying Poem .. !!

I heard a poem crying. It was flying through the air. So I asked if I could hold it and it said it didn’t care. It told me it was lonely for it didn’t have a poet. It told me “No one cares” I said “I wouldn’t know.” It didn’t have a title, All its […]

I’ve Been Pained.

I knew I was strong When I had to let go Of someone I loved dearly. I wasn’t ready nor did I want to But I had to because I couldn’t Force them to be with me anymore. Poetess Dee IG’@poetess_dee