Death Is Comforting !!

“A Few Nights Ago Death Came For A Visit, Told Her I was Ready To be With Her Forever .. She Said I Shouldn’t Find Comfort In Her For My People Find Comfort In Me – And They Need Me More Then I Could Ever Need Her”. !! Poetess Dee IG:@poetess_dee_nteddy 🤍 IG:@poetess_dee

How Do You Expect Me To Know ..

Mara you can’t blame meFor speaking ‘perfect’ EnglishAnd not knowing my ownLanguage & culture/traditionsWhen it was you (Parents) whoTook me to the most expensiveModel C schools so I couldKnow/learn the European wayOf doing things !! You cloth me in English,You feed me English,You take me to English school,Put me in English environment,Speak to me in […]

Blood Stains .. !!

Decision : With nice little twist,I slit my wrist… Not waiting life to kill,rather my own blood I spill… It’s my own choice, I have no fears,only pain, in eyes some unshed tears… On the floor, blood making stains,slowly releasing me from my pains… Bloody stains, stains like in my soul,caused by all the pain, […]

What Wrong With Men ?!

I really don’t follow celebrities and their love lives because it ends faster then I take my bra off after a long day. Celebrity lives don’t affect me at all & it doesn’t affect the price of bread too. So yes – I don’t care about what they do in their personal lives !! Being […]

You Just Can’t.

You cannot change someone who doesn’t see anything wrong with their actions. Actually you cannot change someone if they don’t want to change. Stop fooling yourselves,Change comes from within & no human can enforce change onto another human !! Poetess Dee

I’m ashamed .. !!

Originally written in 2015 #Repost I’m ashamed because I’m always on about being a proud African yet I know English more than my home language. I’m ashamed because I felt good when people from Phalaborwa said ke “ngwana wa go tswa makgoweng”.They treated me like I was a special package. I’m ashamed because I know […]

Silence Is A Response.

When people hurt her, She doesn’t talk about it, She walk away and don’t look back, They keep following her And eventually It all becomes too much and She just blows out & only then do They get why she walked away !! It wasn’t her intention To hurt them like that but People need […]