Please Be Patient With Me !!

Please be patient with me,

Sometimes when I’m around

People I ooz out and have a thought

To myself.When you ask me what’s

Wrong and I say nothing,Please

Believe me.Theres nothing really.

Im just thinking to myself and

Sometimes I have no words to say

At all !! Please be patient with me.

Poetess Dee



Slit Wrists.


Slit my wrists
What happens next?
The blood drips down
On to my desk.

The pain feels sharp
Inside my mind It clears my eyes
No longer blind.

The world is clear
I’m able to see
How people can show
Such cruelty.

Why stay here?
There’s nothing left
And nobody cares
About my death.

So I deepen the cuts
Lean back in my chair
And fade away because I don’t care.

Poetess Dee

Child Of The Soil !


Child of the soil ::

From soil you come from
To soil you shall return.

From dust you come from
To dust you shall return.

From Adams rib you come from
To Adams rib you shall return.

Child,Who are you
And what is your story ??

‘I don’t know is not an answer’.
Go dig for the answer – Go dig for yourself.

Return with Adams ashes so I can
Put you back with him again.

Child of the soil,
Return to your throne !!

Poetess Dee