It’s Owkay To Breakdown !!

“Never forget that you’re a human being, Its okay to have a melt down, Unpack yourself and cry it out, Dust yourself and put a bright smile on. You’ll be okay,Its just some pain letting you Know that life has its bad turns. Its not the end of anything, Its probably the beginning of everything”. […]

What Wrong With Men ?!

I really don’t follow celebrities and their love lives because it ends faster then I take my bra off after a long day. Celebrity lives don’t affect me at all & it doesn’t affect the price of bread too. So yes – I don’t care about what they do in their personal lives !! Being […]

MEN rape women, MEN rape men, MEN rape children. Women are afraid of MEN, Children are afraid of MEN, Men are afraid of MEN. We’re not safe,No one is safe around men .. Dear MEN – Please fix yourselves !!

Privileged Classes ..

“We know that manyAmong the privilegedClasses become angryWhen we speak aboutThe reality of the apartheid legacy.” Poetess DeeIG:@poetess_dee_nteddy || IG:@poetess_dee

Poetess Dee Nteddy – Merchandise

Poetess Dee NteddyCaps & T-shirts Coming Soon💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾We’re MovingWe’re Going Forward. Will post pictures & prices later,Thereafter I’ll be taking orders. Poetess Dee Nteddy IG:@poetess_dee_nteddy +27 67 805 3959

Pride Got In The Way

Thing is I know I did her wrongBut I had other things to get to.I should be apologizing to herAnd talking to her about itBut I can’t bring myself to do it. Do I really want in on this,Do I wanna make it work,Do I wanna be in that shipment ?? I don’t know if […]

Poetess Dee Nteddy (Pty) Ltd.

Poetess Dee Nteddy (Pty) Ltd.Le Hae La Lithothokiso Good evening,I am Dieketseng Dawn Nthede Better known as Dee-Kay and/or poetess Dee. I finally registered my company Poetess Dee Nteddy Pty Ltd. on the 20th January 2020. After years of procrastinating & the fear of failing.Poetess Dee Nteddy Pty Ltd. Is one of a kind. We’re […]

I Gave You Good Head !!

Excuse the errors on the pic 🙄 “It Legit Feels Like You Don’t Care, I Don’t Know why I Care, I Don’t Know Why I Even Bother, You Did Say You Only Hit And Run, I Don’t Know Why I Thought I Would Be Different .. Pretty Sure I Wasn’t Your Best But At Least […]