Blood Stains .. !!

Decision : With nice little twist,I slit my wrist… Not waiting life to kill,rather my own blood I spill… It’s my own choice, I have no fears,only pain, in eyes some unshed tears… On the floor, blood making stains,slowly releasing me from my pains… Bloody stains, stains like in my soul,caused by all the pain, […]

End My Pain .. Will You ??

I’m so sick of hearing The same old lecture Why can’t I grow up And be mature No one understands Even if they think they might. I’ll just put a rope around my neck And pull it tight Will that end all the pain and agony That I go through every day. You say I […]

Slit Wrists.

#Repost Slit my wrists What happens next? The blood drips down On to my desk. The pain feels sharp Inside my mind It clears my eyes No longer blind. The world is clear I’m able to see How people can show Such cruelty. Why stay here? There’s nothing left And nobody cares About my death. […]

Slit Wrists !!

Slit writs,It’s not just on the wrists that we cut,Its the thighs,legs,scul ..
If its skin,Best believe we’ll find a way to do it !! Its no fun and it hurts but,Sometimes physical pain is better then emotional pain !!
I am Poetess Dee & this is no joke !!