Baby Dee ♡ Mkhulu Mokotla

No lie,For a while I forgot I had a blog (I forgot I was a blogger 😪). Only because I’ve been trying so hard to live this life thing as best as I could. It hasn’t been easy,Nothing about it has been easy !! It’s not to say it’s the hardest but hey,No manual was […]

I Have A Story To Tell.

I have so many stories to tell I have the platform to do so I just need an audience to speak to. Lend me your ears And allow me to tell you a story I will not charge you a cent (Owkay maybe just for water). For so long I was in denial I know […]

Truth Is .. !!

This To Be Hard On Y’all But … Truth Is .. I’d Never Stop Anyone From Suicide (Ending Their Lives) Ke Le Mang Nna ?! Your Life, Your Decisions. Poetess Dee IG:@poetess_dee

What If .. Just What If ?!

What if there’s no heaven or hell,What if there’s no after life,What if we’re just living and when we die .. It’s just that – DEATH ?! What if funerals were banned,What if life is pointless and we’re living by mistake,What if it wasn’t suppose to be like this ?? What if when we die […]

Where Did We Go Wrong ??

Remember when we had a bright future ahead of us, When we had it all figured out, This – What’s happening now was not part of the plan. We were supposed to finish school, Get good grades and get in the best university. We were supposed to graduate,Get good paying jobs Get proper partners (Father […]

#TotalShutDown March

I will be covering the ‘event’ in the day – As it uncovers and so on 🙂 Excitement levels are on another mosali level nje 😀 Be a part of history and partake with the women of Southern Afrika And there’s transport for everyone from all coners of Gauteng,You have no excuse. Contact your region […]

You Mourned The Wrong Death !!

I was helpless infront of you Stranger’s hands wrapped around my neck, ropes tightly tied around my hands & feet, They pointed a gun to my head, and their words pointed a knife to my heart. As they kill me slowly infront of you, my screams filled your ears, the image of my tortured body […]

For All The Fat Girls.

For all the fat girls. When I read this piece I was close to tears because it spoke directly to me,Being a fat girl is hard in this lifetime because people think it’s all fun & games and that we asked for it.But they don’t know,They don’t know the pain & unnecessary pressure we feel […]