For All The Fat Girls.

For all the fat girls.

When I read this piece I was close to tears because it spoke directly to me,Being a fat girl is hard in this lifetime because people think it’s all fun & games and that we asked for it.But they don’t know,They don’t know the pain & unnecessary pressure we feel and go through all the damn time 😦 But anyway,Life goes on.

This not originally by me,

I thought I would just share the link but I figured why not rewrite (Well,Cut & paste it) that way,You as the reader get the emotion & understanding just as I did.

It goes hand-in-hand with The piece I wrote yesterday (Who said fat girls arnt happy,Huh). Link :

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

This one’s for the fat girls…
For the girls, like me, who have had people poke their nose on our plates.

This is for all the girls who’ve had people judge our lives like we put out an ad on craigslist for a second opinion. This one’s for the girls who would rather chew glass than go shopping because of how hard to find something that actually fits. I’m talking about the 38 DD and bigger, size 16 and sexy club. I’m calling out to all my “smile politely and endure unsolicited dietary advice from a stranger” fat girls. That’s right! It’s a roll call for all the stretch marks and cellulite fat girls. The not so tiny tummy and thunder thigh fat girls.
This is for all the ones who, like me, have heard all the criticism before- in both whispers behind our backs and in front of people we know.

I’m speaking up for all the “try to take a joke as your grandma critiques your weight at Christmas dinner” fat girls and the “get asked condescending questions when you eat” fat girls.
Because, you see, I’m no average fat girl. This fat girl has an answer for all of those pressing questions.
Question:“Isn’t that a lot of food to be eating?”

Answer: Isn’t that a lot of your business you should be minding?

Question: I’m worried you’ll catch diabetes

Answer: You should be worried about catching these hands.

Question:“How does sex even work with you?”

Answer: Ask your man if you need a road map.

See I’m different breed of fat girl. I’m the “put you in our place” type of fat girl. I’m a “take no shit” kind of fat girl. Just ask the poor turd who tried to Snapchat me eating while he and his girlfriend laughed at me. Poor thing didn’t have a drop of color in his face or a pea shaped ball in his sack when I got in his face. That’s right, I’m standing up for ALL the fat girls. The “put a pillow on my lap when I sit down” fat girls, the “I love this game but won’t play” fat girls, the “take a selfie from the neck up” fat girls, the “you’re cute for a big girl” fat girls and especially the invisible “who’s your friend?” fat girls. I have been all of these fat girls at one point in my life. I was even the “don’t eat in public” fat girl once.

This one’s for my fat girls who know what it’s like to be insulted with “tough love”. With the rising epidemic or heart disease and diabetes, you can’t blame people for wanting to help. But let me tell you why the “tough love “ act does more harm than good. Loving your body is a journey. For all my depressed fat girls and my genetically predisposed fat girls you know what I mean. Don’t you think we’ve tried the low carb diet? The Zone diet? The south beach diet? The “it’s all about self control” diet? The not eating after 7 diet? The only eating fruit diet? The eating absolutely nothing diet? The eating everything in sight then throwing it all up diet? Believe me, we’ve tried. The one underlying factor in each of these is self-loathing and trust me, we don’t need anyone’s help to get more of that. This one’s for my insecure fat girls, who have been yo-yo dieting since the age of twelve.

I’m the type of fat girl that will eat my Lorenzo’s extra cheese slice with a classy finger in the air for anyone with even a breath to say about it. This is a call to action! II want every fat girl to be:
The “turn heads when I walk” fat girl
The “I’m not pretty for a big girl, I’m pretty period!” fat girl
The “vivacious and lively” fat girl
The happy fat girl
The unapologetic fat girl.

Love yourself enough to be happy. Love yourself enough to be healthy. Most importantly, love yourself no matter what anyone says. I’ve learned this in a very hard way. It’s why I will forever be proud to be a fat girl.A curvy, thick, slick- mouthed fat girl.

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Who Said FAT Girls Arnt Happy,Huh ??

Lend me your ears and allow me to tell you a story,

Lend me your eyes and allow me to tell you a story,

Lend me your being and allow me to tell you a story.

Who said fat girls arnt pretty,

Who said fat girls can’t dress up,

Who said fat girls can’t win,

Who said fat girls are beautiful too,

Who said fat girls..Who said fat girls ?!

Thick thighs,

Thick arms,Chubby cheeks,

Big bums,Bubbly eyes,

Small nose,Tiny toes,

FAT fat fat FAT,PHAT phat phat PHAT !!

It hurts not being able to eat my favourite food because I’m already thinking about the calories it contains And if I skip the meal .. I’ll be hungry & if I do eat,I regret it almost imminently.

But you wouldn’t know that,

You not me,You don’t live in me,You don’t care.

FAT .. PHAT 🤔 Doesn’t matter how you spell it nor pronounce it .. The pain is the same.Its deep .. So deep that it hurts & stays there forever.

But you wouldn’t know that,

You not me,You don’t live in me,You don’t care.

Poetess Dee


Friendly Warning.

I get lonely at times

But I still want love like any other person ✌

Friendly warning,
Please don’t get too close to me,
You may end up being
The perfect words
To my next poem.

I mean,You do know that
I am a poet(ess) and baby
I shiit good at it.
Ow – And I’m not afraid
Of mentioning names.

Friendly warning,
Please don’t get too close to me.

Poetess Dee

Why God Lets His Children Burn In Hell .. !!

The questions surroundings
God & heaven/hell are quite tricky & unnecessary at times.

But hey – They’re asked & the “Bible Christian’s” answer them.

She asked :
Why would God burn his people because he died for their sins ?!

They answered :
God has promised that at the end of the world, every wrong will be atoned for and He will even resurrect dead people to achieve justice. (Heb 10:30, 31; Mat 25:46) Since the fires of Hell will also extract restitution from the devil and his angels, I suppose Hell could last for several days perhaps 40 days and 40 nights? Regardless of how long it takes, everyone in Hell will eventually die and when the wicked no longer exist, Jesus will create a new Heaven and a new Earth.

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea [of fire].” (Revelation 21:1)

Poetess Dee

Feeling Unsafe .. !!

Not sure who this post belong to

Who originally wrote it nor where they hail from but nonetheless,Ive been seeing & reading it on a lot of online social media platforms and it speaks to me.If you know the writer please tag ’em here 🙂


You don’t know stress until you get into a taxi/train carriage or any other form of public transport and you’re the only woman inside surrounded by men.
The relief you get when another woman gets in is unmatched. I might not know the woman but I swear I instantly feel safer. Sometimes I notice that familiar look of acknowledgement when another woman gets in and sees me. It’s the “Okay cool, there is another woman in here thank God” look. I’m tired of stressing over my safety (anywhere) because of men and their incessant disrespectful behaviour towards us and our bodies.


Poetess Dee