Rap & Poetry

“Revolutionary rap inspires others to take the streets with rebellious chants; commercial rap inspires others to fall in debt chasing brands. “



Take Me To A place .. !!

Take me to a place far away,

Where my face is new

And my name is unknown.
Take me to a place with arrays of stars,

Where the skies are clearer than crystal glass.
Take me to a place where the wind tastes like earth –

Fresh n unfamiliar

With hopes of rebirth.
Take me to a place that is not your home,

Where the people are kind

And the seas are alone.
Take me to a place Where you can take a breath

You can open your heart and feel the world again.
Take me to a place void of pain

You can learn new songs and

There is so much wisdom to gain.
Take me to a place where time isn’t a thing,

where love doesn’t leave,

Where happiness stay and 

Sadness doesn’t sing.

Poetess Dee