Dear Poetess .. By Mumu Da Poet.

This poem is written by Mumu Da Poet

And is dedicated to my beautiful self,Thank you friend,Thank you poet .I love it so very much.And on such a day ?! I am much greatful :* 😍



From this time,
Our life has just began,
From this moment,
Can our soul March together?
For years I watched the stars and wished I were them,
But now my vision had been diverged,
From now I need you close,
Listen to the music sang by my heart,
Its a melody of love,
Can you be the lyrics of my rhythm?,

You alone,makes the world revolve and evolute,
You alone,can sell my soul to cease,
Its funny how an individual being,
Can cause a depopulation in my world,
Its way funnier when she can popularize my world with her egnimatic smile,
Dear poetess, sing the tune of my heart,
Like bird a with feathers,
I had flew to many distances,
But I’ve never had wings to carry my heart,
I met you,
I felt the need the spread my wings,
Can you cage my heart ,
While you free my soul,
Can your chubbiness body be my page,
Can your heighten be the depth of my poems,
Can your womanhood,
Be a million reason to let God adorn our being.
Dear poetess, can I water this love ,in my heart like my favourite flower?
Dear poetess help me push this vehicle.



Mama I Met A Boy, Three

#3 Mama I met a boy,

Everything seemed okay,
We were happy and Celbos was too,
He keeps asking about you,He can’t wait to meet you,I tell him all about you,He has you nose and toes – So cute.

Mama I met a boy,
One time he came home really late I was worried about him but he didn’t seem bothered by it.
He started making a habit of this,
Night after night,We hardly saw him.
He would tell me to butt out and not question him.I did just that.

But I could only hold on for so long,
I got tired of washing shirts that smelt of other women and underwear that was constantly covered in new fresh wet cum.

Mama I met a boy,
It was during the school holidays and I thought it was the perfect time to sort my marriage out, Celbos left with the Laluba’s on their family trip.

I tried sitting my husband down but he wouldn’t have any of it.One night,He came home drunk & high [This was no surprise],I heard him get in bed trying so hard not to wake me up,But mama it was different this time.

He leaned over to me, I felt his hands lift my night gown,I knew where we were heading !! He tried flipping me over but I refused – He smelt to bad.
He didn’t give up, I tried fighting him off me but he was just too strong.

I told me that he loved me
That I’m his wife and he’s untitled to do to/with me as he pleases and that’s when I realised I was fighting a losing battle.

Mama I met a boy,
He did to me what he never has,
He was on top of me,Breathing so loud as he enjoyed himself,He turned me over and I was in Missionary.
It hurt so much, I tried to stop him and reason but he wouldn’t hear any of it.

He eventually finished,
He turned me over,Kissed me & declared his love to me. We slept.
In the morning it was as though nothing had happened and that’s when it hit me … !!

Poetess Dee

Mama I Met A Boy,Two

#2 Mama I met a boy


Mama I met a boy,
I love him yes but I can’t anymore,
I’m tired of trying

He’s no longer the same,
He’s not the man I fell in love with
The man I married,The father of my child.

Mama I met a boy,
It all started when he got home one evening after a long day at work,
He asked for food and I told him I had just got home too and he should go bath while I fix supper real quick.
He wasn’t too pleased but did as I said,After his bath he went straight to bed and u guess fell asleep.

I felt real bad,I woke him and apologized.He said it was okay and that he’d before work in the morning.
I got in bed and cuddled.
During the night,I woke to go to the bath room,On my return I woke him up – Well,Kind off.

I ran my hands on his back and started kissing his neck,
He resisted,Talking about how he’s tired and he’s got a long day ahead.
I didn’t listen,I rolled over and sat on top of him.

He had no shirt on,
Making it easy for me.
I ran my hands on his whole upper body whist sucking on his nipples,I felt my blood flow.It wasn’t long until he participated and held me by my waist,Pulled me closer to him and I knew it was go time !!

Mama I met a boy,
And I made love to him,
I grabbed him by the balls
And sucked him like no one ever had,
He came – He came into my mouth and I shared it in his mouth,We giggled and slept.

I was happy,I was relieved.
Morning came,We both got ready for work and he took Celbos to school.
In the evening we sat together at the table,All smiles & took Celbos to bed early once we knew we was out ..
We went down on each other.

He sucked on my breasts,
Stuck his middle finger in me,I moaned mama – Loudly.
He went down,
He’s hands on my breasts,
Next thing he has his tongue in my [Lil girl] ow ow It felt so good,I came multiple times .. We were happy,Deed done .. We slept.

Poetess Dee

Mama I Met A Boy.

Mama I met a boy,
He’s tall and handsome,
He’s a plumber and goes to the church just down the road,
He’s very kind and sweet,
He takes care of me,
He said I am the one he’s been waiting for and that he can’t be without me,
He asked me to marry him.

Mama I met a boy,
And I agreed – I am his wife.
We got a place of our own,
Its not too big but its suitable for us,
Life is good,We are so happy.
I’ll come home soon
And you can meet him,I know you’ll like him.

Mama I met a boy,
And I am pregnant – Again.
I’m sorry mama I didn’t mean for it to happen – Uhm,Well I kinda did
I mean,He is my husband and we been talking about starting a family together.

Mama I met a boy,
I love him yes but I can’t anymore,
I’m tired of trying.

Poetess Dee