Hi,I’m A Slut !!

Hi,I’m a slut:
Hi,I’m a slut.

You really can’t be surprised by that when you’re the one who introduced me to it.You let me believe it was the way forward.
Hi,I’m a slut.

You intoxicated me with easy pain,

You offered me money in exchange for my vagina.

You told me that I have an expensive bank between my thighs,And that  every man wants to deposit.
Hi,I’m a slut.

I let you park in my parking only because I thought it was the right thing to do that,Only to find that I was not the only parking you were using.
Hi,I’m a slut.

You used me,

You took my woman pride,

You degraded my reputation.

Everyone shared sympathy and empathy.You are what is called a bastard,You work of the dark angel. You used me to boost your male ego and buy space in the heart of the universe.
Hi,I’m a slut.

Used and trashed,

I am empty inside.

However,I have a virgin heart,

My heart is pure and innocent.
Hi,I’m a slut 

My heart has never loved,

Neither been fabricate hatred,

It still longs for one special someone to show it affection.

Endless men had me,

Had their way into my garden,

Breathed on my chest,

Though none of them stole my heart.
Hi,I’m a slut.

They kissed me but never went away with my heart.

They went in and out,Into me they went and out of me they left – Left me all alone with nothing but pity and hatred for all men kind.
 Hi,I’m a slut.

All kind of men,

Some my age,

Others way too young,

Most too old for me,

I should be ashamed – I know but hey,This is life.

The oldies went and sweated on top of me with their fingers clawed on my thighs.

Their sex ejaculations gave them excitement but filled me with rage.

He was suppose to mentor me but instead he sexed me.

I am to the world a prostitute but they don’t know know.
Hi,I’m a slut.

I’ve been called all sorts of nasty names & insults,For reasons only known by them.

Society has down graded me,It has disappointed me in more reasons then a thousand.
I still recall the first time it happened but no one cares – No one cares why and how it happened.
Hi,am a slut.

I blame the poverty walls that gave birth to me.I curse the dead that took my bread winners and exposed me to this harsh life.

I had to – I had no choice.I had to use my golden velvet to feed my soul,For my stomach and flesh desires food.
Hi,I’m a slut.

You really can’t be surprised by that when you’re the one who introduced me to it.
Poetess Dee

Mumu Da Poet