Chubby Cheeks Girl.

In the bellows of my pores,
The salty water that secretes from my eyes,Starts to seep in.
Maybe that’s why my cheeks are so chubby and my face so round.
Pumped full of lost promises,
Lost apologies,
Lost words.

If only you could just take a look at me,Of what you had truly lost.
I am a part of you, after all.
But I am just a face,
And you won’t call.

Poetess Dee



Take Me To A place .. !!

Take me to a place far away,

Where my face is new

And my name is unknown.
Take me to a place with arrays of stars,

Where the skies are clearer than crystal glass.
Take me to a place where the wind tastes like earth –

Fresh n unfamiliar

With hopes of rebirth.
Take me to a place that is not your home,

Where the people are kind

And the seas are alone.
Take me to a place Where you can take a breath

You can open your heart and feel the world again.
Take me to a place void of pain

You can learn new songs and

There is so much wisdom to gain.
Take me to a place where time isn’t a thing,

where love doesn’t leave,

Where happiness stay and 

Sadness doesn’t sing.

Poetess Dee


I’m Doing Just Fine !!

I’m fine, I’m just tired

Trust me, I know how it feels

I know exactly how it feels to cry in the shower

So no one can hear you

And waiting for everyone to fall asleep,

So you can fall apart

For everything to hurt so bad.
You just want it all to end

I know exactly how it feels

I don’t blame anyone, I did this to myself

Its my fault, everything is my fault

I feel this tiredness that sleep can’t fix

And please stop asking if I’m okay.
I’m tired of lying

I’m tired of living

I’m tired of trying

I’m tired of coping

I’m tired of hoping

I’m tired of existing

I’m tired of breathing.
I’m just done

Because I’m never truly happy

Some days I’m just a little less sad than the rest

When you reach the point of being so sad you’re numb

You’re going to miss the ability to cry

Because depression is like drowning,
And seeing everyone around you breathing

Because depression is not a choice.
Its a deep hole you cannot climb out of

Trust me, I know how it feels

To beg God to just take it all away.
Poetess Dee 🙂

I wanna be her👆 

I wanna be like her☝

I wanna be her size

I wanna have her hair

I want to be able to wear whatever I want to without having to worry about what dirty insult I’ll get or what I’ll be called.Or what who’s mother will think of me.Or who’s father will attempt to ruin me.Or what will happen to me.

I don’t want my extra meat layers (sbegege) to flop out.Or to pull my tummy in.Or wear tummy tuckers all the fucken time.

But hey .. Here’s what you didn’t know about me … !!

I just wanna be PRETTY & SKINNY !!

My best shot

I am not who you think I am
It may seem to you that I am weak
But believe me when I say that 
I am stronger than what I seem
And I am better than you could ever imagine.

I may be not an A- student
But I am smart
Smart enough to know
that I can beat you in anything
At any time soon
Today, Tomorrow, or the day after.

I may not be a marathoner
But I can run the distance
I might arrive late to my goal
But I will be there
I cant assure that I won’t win the race
But I will try to do the best.

I am not the prettiest girl in the class
But I am not Barbie either
I don’t expect to be skinny
I don’t expect to be fat
I do expect to be happy
I expect to feel safe with myself.

I am not the one who will always be right
I am human not a robot
If I am wrong I smile because I know it was a mistake
I might not be the best in Biology
But i can do better the next time.

I won’t Win today

But I will try again tomorrow
And if I die before I win 
I will die happy. 

Today is one day.
I wont stop Now. 
I wont look back.
Not because of pride
But because I wont dare to fall
I wont trip again 
Especially not with the same rock
I know now that I am not Perfect.

I am not skinny one bit !!

But hey .. Whatevs !!