Why God Lets His Children Burn In Hell .. !!

The questions surroundings
God & heaven/hell are quite tricky & unnecessary at times.

But hey – They’re asked & the “Bible Christian’s” answer them.

She asked :
Why would God burn his people because he died for their sins ?!

They answered :
God has promised that at the end of the world, every wrong will be atoned for and He will even resurrect dead people to achieve justice. (Heb 10:30, 31; Mat 25:46) Since the fires of Hell will also extract restitution from the devil and his angels, I suppose Hell could last for several days perhaps 40 days and 40 nights? Regardless of how long it takes, everyone in Hell will eventually die and when the wicked no longer exist, Jesus will create a new Heaven and a new Earth.

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea [of fire].” (Revelation 21:1)

Poetess Dee


Untitled .. !!

26 November 2016

Just woke up from the silent scream of my pen
Shouting out my name to make prophecies from my inner self
I must confess, it’s the zeal that burns inside me that differentiate me from an average person.It enables me to understand the fine line between the world and the real word.I have a soft voice.

I am rarely called upon
But my thoughts scream so loud
And my eyes hold back tears
And I breathe breaths so ragged
They tear at my lungs.

I pull stunts,I’m actual and not almost.
I know about this vultures who mobilise every field of poetry but I am never scared. I am willing to take a chance to fight until it’s no longer a pain to bleed,
I wonder how it feels to be free,
To never feel insecure,
Never haunted by bad memories,
Never caged for eternity,
Having no dreams crushed,
Knowing what is love,
To just be me and forever live free
I wonder if these stories touch souls.

It’s the picture of my life I paint on these sheets,
I talk about pain and repentance,
I talk about everything that has anything to do with anyone,I bleed words that demand to be heard.I am the voice of the silent,The ones that are unable to speak for themselves,I am a body that carries pain.
I try to tolerate that pain because I was told that the result is gain,
I remain silent and traumatised in the eyes of those
Who are in love with my eyes when I cry,
Those who smile on my demise,
I observe and experience all these.
I am the society’s agent for feeling expression
The image of human kind
I hurt with no intention
Don’t get it wrong;I’m not a poet,
For that is a badge,a title,a label,
I am what a poet has written for me,
I am what a poet says .. I am poetry !!

Poetess Dee

Derrick Leswikane Dinaka ❌ Poetess Dee

statutory Rape Or Not ?!




My fellow bloggers & readers,
Let’s put aside whatever we doing and tackle this,Let’s be real & realistic, What’s your say on this ?!

A club strictly says ‘No under 18s’
And they actually do check for
Identity Document (ID).

Now,A 16 year old gets a fake ideal
And goes in through with her
Girlfriends. Once inside,They spot
A group of guys who seem calm,
And they sit by them.

These two groups are equal in
Numbers and automatically it
Becomes a 2-by-2 kinda thing.
A few drinks down – There’s hugging,Kissing,making out.

One of the guys (Let’s name him Orange) takes one of the girls (Let’s name him Apple) home with him.
Its a mutual understanding.They
Have sex and spend the night together.

The next morning,Apple talks of how she needs to be home right away,
They exchange numbers & Orange drops Apple off at her front gate.

A few days later,Orange is home and there’s harsh knock on the door,
Irritated,He opens and is greeted by three policemen. They ask for him
And say that he is being arrested for
Statuary rape (This is when someone over 18years sleeps with a minor – 16years & younger).

He is confused but agrees to go to the station,Upon his arrival he sees Apple there .. Which confuses him more.He is then told that the young girls mother has laid rape charges against him !!

Fast forward,Is that fair ??
After all – She did lie
And commit a crime (Fraudstery)
And Orange did none of that ??

Let’s engage and talk,
Face facts & be realistic.

Poetess Dee



Slit Wrists !!



Slit my wrists
What happens next?
The blood drips down
On to my desk.

The pain feels sharp
Inside my mind
It clears my eyes
No longer blind.

The world is clear
I’m able to see
How people can show
Such cruelty.

Why stay here?
There’s nothing left
And nobody cares
About my death.

So I deepen the cuts
Lean back in my chair
And fade away
‘Cause I don’t care.


Poetess Dee


What If .. ?!



What If…‎


What if a black girl knew that she would be desired by others only if she desired herself first, And that beauty is not in the mindset but the confidence she carries.


What if a black girl knew that her lips are perfect as they are and she need not suck her cheeks in to be kissed.


What if the sun could speak in words,

And the heat be exclamation

What if the moon could sing lullabies,

And it’s brightness be a cuddle

What if skies were mirrors, 

And reflects only truth.


Perhaps the black girl would walk bold,

Perhaps she would pile aside lies she’s been told ?


What if she accepted her life,

Maybe then she would smile often,

Or perhaps she would stop self harm !!

What if man gave her confidence.


The Cruelty Of Self-Slavery

Verses the beauty of self-acceptancy,

Thoughts Of Brutality

Murdering self esteem and self identity.


What if she knew her true worth,

Her true purpose on this earth.

Perhaps she’d never market her soul

Perhaps she wouldn’t feel so lone.


What its all useless,

What if she’s worthless – Really.

Would it be her fault or her care giver’s,

Would it be okay for her to carry on with no purpose 

Or would society step in ??


What if a black girl turned white,

Would her blindness turn to sight

Or would she accept

And turn away from other Black’s ?


What if a black girl knew,

What if she knew ?


Raymond Ray X Poetess Dee‎