Dear Poetess .. By Mumu Da Poet.

This poem is written by Mumu Da Poet

And is dedicated to my beautiful self,Thank you friend,Thank you poet .I love it so very much.And on such a day ?! I am much greatful :* 😍



From this time,
Our life has just began,
From this moment,
Can our soul March together?
For years I watched the stars and wished I were them,
But now my vision had been diverged,
From now I need you close,
Listen to the music sang by my heart,
Its a melody of love,
Can you be the lyrics of my rhythm?,

You alone,makes the world revolve and evolute,
You alone,can sell my soul to cease,
Its funny how an individual being,
Can cause a depopulation in my world,
Its way funnier when she can popularize my world with her egnimatic smile,
Dear poetess, sing the tune of my heart,
Like bird a with feathers,
I had flew to many distances,
But I’ve never had wings to carry my heart,
I met you,
I felt the need the spread my wings,
Can you cage my heart ,
While you free my soul,
Can your chubbiness body be my page,
Can your heighten be the depth of my poems,
Can your womanhood,
Be a million reason to let God adorn our being.
Dear poetess, can I water this love ,in my heart like my favourite flower?
Dear poetess help me push this vehicle.



I Am Stronger Then You Think !!

I am fierce,

I am strong,

I am not simple,

I am crazy and sometimes I hardly sleep.
I always have something to say,

I have flaws and that is okay,

And when I am down I get right back up.

I am a beast in my own way but one idea describes me best,

I am unstoppable,

I take anything I want with a smile.
And look at me now – I’ll always be that girl.